During the entire process, our factories carry out quality control of the module elements being produced and the completed work, for which the corresponding checklists are finalised. Before the module leaves the factory, a thorough final inspection takes place, and it is only allowed to pack and ship the modules after all errors found have been remedied.

ISO 9001 (pdf) – We have developed a well-functioning quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

ISO 14001 (pdf) – We use the best technologies and materials in our production, we are efficient and save natural resources by implementing measures to prevent environmental pollution as our environmental management system complies with the ISO 14001 standard. Important environmental aspects are: hazardous waste, unsorted production and construction waste.

ETA 10/0033 (pdf) – Our wooden house modules comply with the technical requirements in force in Europe, and the corresponding certificate ETA 10/0033 has been issued to them as proof of this.

0809-CPR-1165 (pdf) – The compliance of the production conditions of our factories with the requirements valid in Europe is regularly checked by the Finnish company VTT Expert Services Oy, and certificate 0809-CPR-1165 has been issued to prove the compliance.

ISO 45001 (pdf) – Occupational health and safety activities are primarily based on the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, to which are added the requirements arising from the ISO 45001 standard.

CE marking – Our wooden house modules have acquired the CE marking.

SINTEF (pdf) – Our timber frame modules comply with the technical requirements and documentation requirements in Norway. The corresponding certificate SINTEF Technical Approval TG 20702 has been issued to HARMET.